Sandhill Cranes Bernardo, New Mexico 2018 - KNOWLEDGE AND LIGHT
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Sandhill Cranes

Sandhill Cranes

This gathering of Cranes presents an opportunity to live amongst them and experience their marvelous behavior including mating rituals, “dancing”, acrobatic territorial fights, posturing, and trumpeting calls. Although I observed several episodes of mating dances, the predominate displays were aggressive interactions that seemed to be territorial and food related. Not unlike school kids fighting in a crowded recess yard, large flocks of Cranes in close quarters seemed to stimulate rowdy behavior that often culminated in leaping - full frontal - spurs up assaults. Vociferous calls, biting, feather ruffling, and strutting typically preceded aggressive interactions.

Antigone canadensisnew mexicosandhill cranebernardobirdflock

From Sandhill Cranes of Bernardo, New Mexico January 2018